Common Mistakes When Buying Muay Thai Shorts

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November 19, 2016 Muay Thai Shorts No comments

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Making mistakes is normal. It is part of our daily life, and it is what makes us, well, us. But, given that Short Muay Thai aren’t exactly the cheapest, it certainly would help to avoid making the mistake of buying the wrong pair, right?

To help with that, here are some of the most common mistakes people make when buying Muay Thai shorts. Take note of them, so you can avoid making them once you start shopping around for your own pairs.

  • Buying from the cheapest brand Brand name isn’t always everything, but when it comes to Muay Thai shorts, it pays to know which brands sell quality products. Top King, Windy, Lumpinee, Boon, Fairtex and Raja are all well-reputed manufacturers of Muay Thai shorts. It’s best that you avoid buying cheap Muay Thai shorts from lesser-known brands, as they’re often made from low quality materials.

If you’ve ever seen someone train and see their underwear through their shorts, chances are, they made a mistake of investing in a cheap pair. Don’t be like them. Invest in a quality pair of shorts that’s made from Satin. Even though they’re a bit more expensive, they’re also much more comfortable to wear, and are much more durable. If you take care of them properly and keep them clean, it wouldn’t be a surprise for quality pairs to last you for years at a time and still look good as new.

  • Buying online Again, in an effort to find themselves a cheap pair of Muay Thai shorts, some people resort to buying online. This is okay if it’s not your first few times buying a pair. But, if it is, then you’re better off buying from a physical store. You see, buying from online stores puts you at the risk of getting a pair that doesn’t fit quite as well as you would want. This is a problem that you could easily avoid if you buy from a physical store since you can fit the shorts right there and then to see if they’re a good fit for you or not.
  • Buying the wrong size If you already own a pair of shorts from a particular brand, chances are, sizing won’t be an issue any more. But, don’t think that sizes are the same across different brands. To ensure a good fit, always buy shorts from a physical store where you can fit them and try them out first. If it’s your first time buying, it’s generally recommended to buy shorts that’s a nice and tight fit for you. At the same time, you’ll want to make sure that the shorts still have enough leg room so as not to restrict your leg and knee movement.

Your first few purchases aren’t likely to be the perfect pair. It’s probably going to take you quite a few pairs first before you find out the right brand and size that’s best for you. But, with the tips above, you’ll avoid making the mistake of wasting your money on buying Muay Thai shorts that you won’t be using much anyway.

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