The Muay Thai Equipment You Need To Start Training

Given the rough and brutal nature of the combat sport, it’s important for practitioners to have the necessary Muay Thai equipment for their own protection and for that of their opponents.

Below is a list of all the necessary Muay Thai equipment to start training

  1. Traditional Muay Thai shorts (Pantaloncini Thai Boxe) Authentic and traditional short shorts not only look beautiful, but they are also very comfortable to wear and are extremely durable. Usually made of 100% satin, traditional short shorts can last for a lifetime with proper care. Although MMA, boxing and kickboxing shorts are okay to use, you won’t be getting as much leg room with them as you would with traditional Muay Thai shorts. Also, wearing the proper and traditional attire is a way to show respect for the art, your fellow fighters and for your coaches.

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  1. 14oz to 16oz gloves 16oz gloves are considered the standard weight for general use in Muay Thai. They’re great for sparring, pad work, drills and even clinching. 14oz gloves are okay too, but some gyms require fighters, especially beginners, to use 16oz gloves for safety purposes so you may want to check with your instructor first.

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  1. Headgear You don’t necessarily have to own one yourself, but come on, who wants to rent out a headgear from the gym that’s been used for the nth time? Basically, having your own pair is mainly for sanitation and hygiene purposes. Be sure to buy one that fits comfortably on your head. The chin strap and slipper lining shouldn’t be loose to make sure that it doesn’t slip and distract you while you’re moving around.
  1. Handwraps This is an important piece of equipment that you’ll definitely want to learn how to use if you’re serious about Muay Thai. Hand wraps can serve as an added cushion for the little bones in your hand and feet, helping minimize the occurrence of various injuries.
  1. Mouthguard and shin guards Both of these will only come in handy once your training routine includes regular sparring. If you’re really serious about your Muay Thai, buy yourself a well-fitting pair of shin guards, as well as a custom-made mouth guard. Both should be long-term investments that’ll last you for a very long time.
  1. Ankle supports Much like mouthguards and shin guards, these will only come in handy once you start sparring a lot. But, once you do, you’ll be thankful that you have them on, as they help minimize sprains, torn ligaments and other worse injuries.
  1. A huge training bag This is self-explanatory already. After all, where would you be putting all your Muay Thai equipment if you don’t have a training bag?

Learning Muay Thai can take years, if not months, and if you’re really serious, it’ll definitely pay off to invest in some quality Muay Thai equipment.

The list above should help you shop for some of the essentials before you go on to buy other stuff that you might find necessary once you start advancing further into your training.

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