Choosing The Right Brand For Your Muay Thai Shorts

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November 14, 2016 Muay Thai Shorts No comments

As a general rule of thumb, the bigger brands often take great care in making sure that their Muay Thai shorts are of the highest quality possible. This is why most often go for the biggest brands out there. But, as it turns out, there’s not just a single top brand as far as Muay Thai shorts go. In fact, there are a couple of them.

Below are the top brands for Muay Thai shorts, as well as additional information on each one to help you decide which brand you should ultimately go for.

  • Boon Boon isn’t exactly the most famous brand, but their products are good. Their Muay Thai shorts, in particular, are extremely durable and are known to last for a very long time. They’ve also sponsored some big name fighters as well, so there’s that too. If you’re looking for a quality pair that can take years of abuse, Boon is definitely a brand to consider.
  • Lumpinee Lumpinee is one of the most well-known Muay Thai shorts and gear manufacturer in Thailand. The Lumpinee store, their official store, is found just right outside of the Lumpinee stadium. If you’re looking for high-quality and stylish shorts with fancy designs, Lumpinee is the brand for you.


  • Windy Windy has been making Muay Thai shorts since 1951, the same year their first factory opened up. Since then, they’ve built a reputation for being one of the most trustworthy and reputable manufacturers around. Their shorts are said to be made from 100% quality Thai Satin, which helps explain their durability.
  • Top King If you’re looking for something a bit less expensive compared to other brands, you can’t go wrong with Top King. It’s a reputable brand and their products can be seen at just about every gym in Thailand. A lot of fighters use their gear too, which is a testament to their quality. Their shorts, in particular, are quite different as they have much wider legroom, making them a bit more comfortable to wear for training.


  • Twins Unlike the other brands here that are mostly famous only in Thailand, Twins is also quite well known in North America as well. Their shorts are made out of 100% polyester Satin to ensure durability and comfort.


  • Fairtex If you’ve got money to burn, then Fairtex is the brand that you should go for. Price premium aside, their products differ in that they have extra wide leg rooms to help make movement easier when kicking or kneeing. Fairtex shorts are handmade and use 8 elastic waistbands to ensure a snug fit while training or fighting.
  • Raja Raja is probably the least well-known brand among those listed here. Their products are quite cheap as well. But, don’t ever mistake that for lower-quality. While not as popular, Raja Muay Thai shorts are also made from 100% satin materials, ensuring that they can take quite the beating in and out of the ring.

As far as Muay Thai Shorts brands go, you can never go wrong with any one of the tried-and-tested brands listed above.


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